September 09, 2012

Patriotic summer.

September 09, 2012.

The British "Summer" of 2012, (not exactly a summer but you know) was definitely a patriotic one:
The first Royal Wedding anniversary (April), the Queens Diamond Jubilee (June) and last but not least the 2012 Olympics (July). Personally I didn't think that the Olympics would go well at all, although I can happily & proudly say I've been proved wrong. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get stuck into it all, although here are the bits of the "proud to be British" summer I did capture...

The Olympic bike race coming through Sheen from Priory Lane/Richmond Park was quite surreal, I managed to catch it on my way home from work, and got a few snaps on my iphone:


The atmosphere was so intense - everyone was happy and cheering, having a really good time! ..Somehow  in the speed of it all I actually managed to get a photo of the Great British cyclist!

Finally, last week whilst shopping in London I also coincidentally saw the Paralympic Torch! This felt more emotional and celebratory than the bike race, perhaps because the pace of the torch was a lot slower it was easier to absorb and seemed more monumental.. even with the press running round frantically to try and get a front page shot - the torch bearer managed to stay calm and collected walking with ease.

Gearing up...

Torch changeover

Flags lining Oxford St.

Definitely a summer to remember!

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