September 01, 2012

The year of underwear.

2012 has definitely been the year for what goes on under our clothes. British women supposedly spend £2 billion on underwear every year! and over the last, (I'd say) three years underwear literally moved into our wardrobes as outerwear.. (I'm not too big of a fan of this trend myself, I think there needs to be a lot of rules to get it right, and I prefer fashion thats a bit more flexible. Though I must admit when right it is fab)

News has just broke that Agent Provocateur is to be opening a store in Mayfair (opening date hasn't been let out of the bag just yet but possibly by the end of the year) V.exciting!! Not only this but Victoria's Secret has launched two stores in London this year (a smaller store in Westfield Stratford) & a Flagship store on Bond Street; I was lucky enough to get down there on opening day! (29 Aug; not so lucky for my boyfriend who sat playing on his iphone for over an hour as I excitedly ran round)

Personally amazed by the outside of the store, I couldn't wait to get inside..
To my joy the inside was just as fascinating; high ceilings, tiled floors and countless amounts of glitz and glam underwear heaven in between.

Walls adorned with photos of VS models

MANY rooms, all differing in interior to compliment the style of underwear they hold.
The window displays contain previous VS show costumes
and plasma screens featuring show footage!
My favourite costume EVER,
Miranda Kerr's $2.5 million diamond bra! 

Previous show costumes are also
on display inside the store.

Kind of forgot I'd left him there
(with my shopping bags)...woops!

My changing room experience was truly something else! Each customer is provided with their own changing room assistant, who measures you for your perfect fit (Canadian sizes can differ from English so I advise double checking) The assistant then has a chat with you to find out what you like, colours, styles e.t.c dissapears for a couple of minutes and comes back armed with bras for you to try on, BRILLIANT (a clever selling tactic but also very very helpful). The changing rooms are just as elaborate as the rest of the store, and come complete with a VS t-shirt for you to try on to see exactly what difference the bra makes.

Cherry on top, with my purchase I received a FREE £70 umbrella! "Why?" "Because it was raining outside" oh of course, silly me! (told you its OTT)

I could go on about this store forever; but don't want to ruin all of the surprises.. definitely recommend it to all, even if only for the experience. (make sure you check out all THREE floors!)

Along with all of this excitement, don't forget David Beckham's statues have just been put up outside H&M Regent Street!

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