May 25, 2013

Chanel "Le Volume" review

We're constantly having new mascaras shoved in our faces and as I have barely any lashes I'm always on the look-out for one to make them "grow"/or look like Cheryl Cole's! I also have sensitive skin, so I'm not into products which contain everything under the sun...

Typically I use Chanel's Sublime mascara in black, a little biased due to the great service I always receive at the Chanel counters in John Lewis (free samples usually available with brush testers and some with mascara too!)

Although I love this mascara like most I'm always open to finding something better, and have recently bought Chanel's brand new Volume mascara Le Volume De Chanel

Tried and tested, I think this may be my new fave! 

Available to buy online from stores such as Selfridges, priced here at £24. I managed to get mine at a bargain price, John Lewis were holding a "price match" so the mascara was already discounted from their price of £26* by 10% and then using my Partnership Discount I received another 25%
Happy days! 

Heres me giving it a try...

Bare eye, no make-up!
Mascara applied.. 
 I took the above two images using the front camera on my i-phone, no photoshop or editing has been applied as I wanted to show an honest, true difference; the below image was taken using the back camera on my i-phone for a clearer image.

Clearer photo

Details of application...

Application: I started by using some MAC concealer in NC35 applied with MAC 195 concealer brush, I then curled my lashes using Chanel curlers (very posh) dusted some NARS laguna bronzer over my entire face using a MAC 150 bronzer brush, and finally applied a couple of coats of Chanel Volume mascara. Now, I'm no make-up expert but in my opinion no one knows their own face better than themselves, and after years of subjecting friends to playing "makeovers" I have a few of my own tips and tricks...

My Mascara top tips!
#1 Curl lashes before not after:
I find it works better for me to curl my lashes before as previously mascara has flaked off when curling them after

#2 Wiggle:
wiggle the mascara brush at the root of your lashes and half way up them, before dragging through to the tips

#Close your eyes:
once the first coat of mascara is applied I always close my eyes and apply half a second coat, rather than going through my lashes all over again (as I find this can make them look too clogged up) I instead close my eyes and just go over the tips of the lashes a few times to add some extra length!

Chinah x

*£26 by memory - apologies, price will be confirmed shortly. 

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