May 16, 2013

Chiquito - lunch review

                   Chiquito is a Mexican restaurant and bar with sites up and down the country... Follow this link to find your nearest Where's my Chiquito?

My first visit was last week to one of Chiquito's Portsmouth restaurants. My mum kindly took me to lunch, and we sat on The Boardwalk at Port-Solent, outside in the sunshine
(This particular Chiquito has stunning views, overlooking a yacht filled port!)

Mum chose Mexican Chicken Skewers, whilst I opted for (as usual) a Burger! Yum yum!
Both gorgeous, mine with spicy rice (although deffinitely okay for the faint-hearted as not very spicy) and Mum's with a corn on the cob.

Mother and her meal

Glorious burger with spicy rice

Not to do things by halves, we had dessert too. Mum went for a vanilla cheesecake with a creamy biscuit base, topped off with a red berry compote and accompanied by vanilla ice-cream...


Whilst I had a selection of three ice-creams, (I chose mint, honeycomb and raspberry - the honeycomb was to die for) which were laid on a cinnamon tortilla basket mmmm..

If you end up in Portsmouth this Chiquito is 100% worth a visit, whether for lunch of dinner, or find one near you... 

Chinah x 

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