May 28, 2013

White blazer - 3 Ways

So, this blazer is from Zara, priced at £49.99 & heres our take on wearing it three ways:

With all this 1920s nostalgia going around with the release of The Great Gatsby, it only made sense to base my outfit on an iconic image: the 1920s gangster. Think Scarface, Gangster Squad and Bugsy Malone. We all know monochrome is big this season, why not combine it with something so momentarily culturally relevant? Loved the Topshop Jumpsuit as soon as I saw it, it's so smart! The Zara Heels were an obvious choice, with heeled sandals being everywhere at the moment, the Michael Kors Clutch Bag is a bit expensive but SO worth it, and the MAC Lipstick (Russian Red) just ties the whole outfit together.
Beth x

When I first looked at the blazer I immediately thought to do an all-white outfit as its one of the key summer trends! So, I found these shorts from TOPSHOP, they're high-waisted & a bit longer which is great! I'd wear them under the blazer with these amazing white strappy shoes from RIVER ISLAND which just keep in with the minimalism of the outfit. Finally the earrings are from ACCESSORIZE which add an elegant touch of colour! - P.S, don't forget the tit-tape, available at BOOTS
Chinah x

I LOVE this white blazer.
I understand when you think of a white blazer you immediately think of smart and occasional. However personally, as a student I don’t have many smart events to go to, so for me it would be an outfit I could wear out in Southampton.  
For my outfit choice, I chose to dress this white blazer with Levi shorts, which can be purchased at Urban Outfitters. Despite looking amazing with this outfit, they are a must in every girl’s wardrobe and can be worn for multiple occasions, so make sure you have a pair in your wardrobe this summer!!
For my top I chose a loose fitting white vest from H&M.  I would wear this tucked in but still worn baggy. This is plain and affordable but dressed with this outfit looks ideal.

SHOES, as always, need to be incredible and high. The taller the better! For my outfit choice, I went for these statement shoes from Topshop, I LOVE these.
I've accessorised the whole outfit with a black belt and black clutch to finish off the outfit. For me I would add a statement watch and this would complete my look.   
The secret to this outfit is making sure that the blazer is slightly over-sized and worn undone.   
Holly x


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