May 25, 2013

Zara Bag Haul

Okay so usually 'hauls' are when you buy loads of make-up or clothes and share your purchases with the public, me and Chinah have basically done this but with handbags. From Zara. That's all.

It was a week or so before our final hand-ins for our first year so we were feeling a little stressed, and when you can't fit any more shoes in your tiny uni wardrobe (Chinah has more than 40 pairs of heels alone...), the obvious succession is handbags.

I'm pretty sure we went into Zara in Southampton 3 days in a row, we're soon going to be on first name terms with the staff...

This first one is mine and is actually a pretty decent size, it can fit an A4 folder in along with other stuff easily. The colour is beautiful and it has a longer shoulder strap which I tend to use more often than the shorter one. It looks quite red on their website but in reality it's red/coral.
Zara: £22.99

This one is also mine,  and I use it when I need to carry heavy folders, books or when  I wear my matching brown boots. It's a really big bag and perfect for Uni.

And now the rest belong to Chinah... She's not lying when she says she has an unhealthy Zara obsession!

This was an expensive bag but the quality and overall look is beautiful. The handles are really sturdy and the bag itself is a really nice 'middle' size, for those days where you don't know how big your bag is going to need to be!

As this bag is such a versatile colour, size and design, it has been used pretty frequently since being bought. It goes with any outfit and can carry a substantial amount of stuff.

Another large bag, we tend to buy bags on the bigger side for Uni things- there's a lot of heavy books involved! The Nude colour of the bag also means it goes with pretty much everything.
Zara: £39.99

The mix of leather and suede on this bag make it a perfect day or evening bag. The colour is a genuinely gorgeous deep red and is perfect for vamping up a day outfit or toning down a little black dress.

Although this handbag only has small straps, it's still a pretty sturdy design. I wouldn't say it is as tough as the others as the material is quite thin, but it's a perfect shopper bag for when you're going on a quick shopping trip or taking a few things to Uni.

And now for the clutches...

You can tell this bag is extremely good quality by the mere fact none of the embellishment has broken in the time owned. Not only this, but the design itself is stunning in real life.

Box clutches aren't for everybody, but this is a potential wardrobe staple. The black and gold speckled design mean it will go with your favourite LBD or can be used in contrast with pastels or brights.

This one is a little on the small side if you usually need to take a few things out with you, but if you're just taking the essentials it's perfect. Add a little bit of sparkle to a plain outfit with this little black clutch.

Who says girls can ever too many handbags anyway?

Beth x

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