June 21, 2013

Sarah Jessica Parker/Manolo Blahnik Collaboration

Before I even start this post, I have to admit that I have never really liked Sarah Jessica Parker.... (cue the outrage).. I mean of course I love Carrie Bradshaw, after being forced to watch Sex and the City by Chinah at least 100 times, how can I not?

I started disliking her when I saw a picture of her at The Devil Wears Prada premiere in 2006 wearing this...

And I absolutely hated it! It's been 7 years and I'm only just getting over my SJP-Fashion-Fear.. they say first impressions last a lifetime?

But then on course the Sex and the City films came into my life and outfits such as this started to change my impression of her...

My favourite of her casual outfits... (me and Chinah love her socks!)
And now more to the point, 15 years after she became Carrie Bradshaw, Sarah Jessica Parker is teaming up with Manolo Blahnik to create a range of shoes and bags deemed "old-school" and "different" by the fashionista herself.

The collection will take inspiration from Charles Jourdan and Maud Frizon, who were both known for their outlandish and colourful designs. Even though their original career launches were 40 years apart, they were huge influences for their times, and still are now!

Being Carrie Bradshaw meant SJP must have developed a love for shoes, and certainly a far more extensive knowledge.

Here she is pictured arriving at the Louis Vuitton show at Paris Fashion Week 2012 in one of my favourite of her outfits...

Clearly ahead of the fashion game in white pointed courts, which are absolutely everywhere at the moment!

The collection will be available through Nordstrom next year.

Beth x

June 17, 2013

Lust List Week 3

Our most lusted-after items this week...

Gorgeous on trend monochrome maxi, for those end of holiday days when the stubble's coming back on your legs! Wear effortlessly to the beach with simple black flip-flops or dress it up in the evening with a statement necklace and some wedges! Love Label £44

Chinah x

This week for my lust list I chose a pair of Chloe Green wedges. I am obsessing over her new collection in Topshop at the moment, so I knew this had to be on my lust list this week!!!

Only choosing one pair for my lust list was a hard task but I chose these suede espadrille wedges, as I think they will look so cute this summer. Everyone needs a pair of show-stopping shoes in their suitcase, and I think I will make these mine!

These are a part of CJG range at Topshop, which is stocked with stunning heels for this Summer!! You must check it out. All CJG shoes come with a signature green "charms" sole and a note from Chloe letting you know how to take care of your new CJGs, which adds to my love of her collection.

I MUST get my green soles for this Summer!

Holly x

I was flicking through this week's Grazia the other day and came across this AMAZING clutch bag from LYDC London that I genuinely have to have. The price tag is so low and the colours are perfect for summer, I can't wait to order it!

The Barons Court Box Clutch Bag by LYDC in Neon Yellow- £18.99

The only clutch bags I own are in black, which are great for Winter but not so great for Summer. The bag also comes in pink, black and orange, but this colour is by far my favourite.

Beth x

June 14, 2013

First Sushi Experience...

I'm known as a pretty fussy eater, so when me and Holly went to Yo Sushi yesterday it was a shock that I actually loved the food!

I've never eaten sushi before because I've never really liked fish, but I somehow managed to avoid that...

The way Yo Sushi works is pretty cool too, you get to press a little button that makes the most adorable noises when you want to order, and you get little taps for water on each individual table!

Me loving the little tap maybe a bit too much...
We ordered some hot food off the menu but couldn't wait so took a plate off the conveyor belt to share. We have no idea what was inside but it was really nice!

The powder on the outside was a little spicy but we could just about manage it, and the seaweed and rice were amazing!

June 13, 2013

Fathers Day Gift Ideas - Anyone Else Unprepared?

If you're stuck over what to get your Dad for fathers day or have just (like me) left it to the last minute, here's my pick of what's out there in time for the weekend, from the minimal to the extravagant I've included a gift for all the types of Dads out there!

So first up 5 gifts on a lower budget:

1. For the Dad with a sweet tooth

2. Fashion forward Dad
Fabric cufflinks  £12 John Lewis

3. Football obsessed Dad
(I chose Chelsea as its the team my Dad supports,
but do check other teams websites/megastores)

4. Book-worm Dad
£7.49 Waterstones

5. The Dad who likes to groom
Male grooming Skincare kit £14 The Body Shop

And if you're looking to splash the cash:

1. Tech-savy Dad
Mulberry iPad case £165 John Lewis

2. Dad who likes great comforts
Calvin Klein Pjs
Trousers £33, Top £35 John Lewis

3. Coffee loving Dad
Nespresso Machine £70 John Lewis

4. Office Dad
Holt Briefcase £175 Reiss

5. Immaculate Dad
£99.95 John Lewis

Chinah x

Black H&M Bikini- 3 Ways

For this week's lust list we have chosen a black H&M bikini (bottoms, top), it's a classic item which is easy to wear and a holiday staple for everyone's wardrobe!

Personally I go for a simple beach look, (I can't stand having jewellery or make-up on when sunbathing, I literally just smother myself in tanning lotion and lay in the sun). So I decided to put together an outfit which would highlight the simplicity of the bikini whilst being on trend and easy for anyone to wear! Some of the items are pricey but they are definitely worth the splurge as they'll remain in your wardrobe forever. These Prada sunnies are to die for! Ah-mah-zing, next up the kimono, kimonos are everywhere this season and I chose this plain black one due to its longevity, it's just so versatile and could easily transition into a winter piece! The beach hat is an obvious must-have, no-one likes sun-damage and a sunhat just screams chic. Michael Kors totes are at the top of the beach-babe-lust-list and this colour would compliment a tan beautifully. Finally the havianas: a staple infamous brand, this style is limited edition and just adds to that luxurious beach look!

Chinah x

£80 havaiana rose-gold, leaf detail flip flops
£15 beach hat accessorize
£210 prada sunglasses at John Lewis
£260 michael kors tote bag
£35 Black kimono Love label at Very

As soon as we chose this bikini I knew I had to put it with this amazing lightweight Zara blazer that I spotted the other day- if I was going on holiday this year I would have bought it already! I'm also really loving plain wedges at the moment, and even though black isn't very summery it's timeless and so versatile. The sunglasses are essential to this outfit, as I think they bring back the summer vibe whilst remaining classic and elegant. The Barry M lipstick is almost the exact colour of the orange flowers on the blazer, and is simple enough to be worn either on the beach, shopping or going out for dinner.

Beth x

Blazer- Zara: £69.99
Wedges- Topshop: £42
Sunglasses- Topshop: £16
Lipstick in Peach- Barry M £4.49
Bangles- Jon Richard: £7.50

I was so excited to dress this black bikini this week. I love buying plain clothes and accessorising them to make them fabulous. Everyone has a black bikini they shove in their suitcase every year, so it was so exciting to show you guys how to dress it up with high street bargains and no longer look boring. So this week I chose to dress mine with these amazing tribal beach trousers. I LOVE THESE. They are light weight and easy to shove on and wear on a hot day. To accessorise I chose black flip-flops, Havaianas of course, these are a staple item in my suitcase every year. I also added a black Casio watch, which I am also crazy about at the moment. A watch adds so much to any outfit, and a black bum bag which are really in this summer!! This look can be worn to the beach or even add a plain top and wear around the city, LOVE LOVE LOVE. 

Holly x

£25.00- Urban Outfitters Casio watch 
£14.99- Pure Luxuries black bum bag
£16.00- Urban outfitters sunglasses
£19.99 Office Havaiana Flip-flops  
£25.00 ASOS Beach trousers

June 12, 2013

Day trip to Chelsea

Yesterday me and my fellow bloggers Beth and Chinah decided to make a day trip to Chelsea. This was a must on our list of things to do this summer, as we are Made in Chelsea addicts and something we all decided deserved a blog post.
 Our day ended up being a mixture of looking at fabulous shops we couldn’t afford such as Vivienne Westwood and Louboutin, small amounts of shopping, cocktails, oversized pancakes and obviously trying to spot the Made in Chelsea cast. But unfortunately no luck!!

These were our amazing oversized pancakes and lucky for us 5 pounds on a Monday, which was a bonus. I had duck with hoisin sauce which was surprisingly delicious on a pancake. Beth had apple and bacon and Chinah as always had sweet which was peaches and ice-cream, which was also delicious. This place is a must if you're in Chelsea and you love your food as much as we do.

We then took a walk to the Bluebird which was always going to be a must on our trip to Chelsea. This was just as fabulous as it looks on MIC. Lovely inside and out and we sat at the bar of course!! Amazing decor and very good service. The cocktails were expensive but so worth it!!


All together a very good day out, I would definitely recommend it. We also did a bit of shopping at Zara of course.

Holly x

June 11, 2013

Abs Like Slabs

I guess you have all been watching this series of TOWIE and I guess you have all been obsessing over Lucy’s body as much as I have. As soon as I finished watching the episode of Lucy in her white monokini I straight away felt motivated. This summer I want to be looking like that, as do we all! So thankfully down to Lucy, she has now let us in on her secret of how!!

Picture of Marbella White Monokini

For me, my biggest issue is trying to get the perfect flat stomach as well as achieving the bikini body I desire. So today was my first day of starting Lucy's abs like slabs work out. I have to say it’s very simple and easy to follow. But unfortunately it's not as easy as it sounds, although this work out took about 10 minutes in my small university room, I could soon feel the burn. I have to say the work out was enjoyable and achievable and really feels like I've done something.

 I am going to stick to this work out and do it around 5 times a week, which is easily achievable as it takes no longer then 10 minutes, adding it with a CV workout, like a run. I will also be eating healthily and avoiding carbs when I can. I will keep you guys updated with my results. I am determined to achieve a body like Lucy's. 6 weeks till my holiday, bikini body here I come!!
Follow Lucy's Results like Lucy twitter page, lots of motivation and fitness routines to fit you.
Thanks Lucy
Holly x

June 10, 2013

Crazy about the brow!

Over the last few fashion seasons eyebrows have taken centre stage! From catwalk shows from fashion house Chanel decorating eyebrows with jewels, to the "scouse-brow" which hit our UK screens (although short lived - only for one series) on E4's 'Desperate Scousewives' and then we have the most famous eyebrows of them all - those belonging to Miss Cara Delevingne 

Lets take a look...

Miranda Kerr on the Chanel catwalk

June 09, 2013

Topshop Two-Piece

The other week, I tweeted a link to one of Topshop's Instagram posts of a nautical two-piece, some black heels and a gold chain, because I needed it ALL! I forgot about this mini obsession for about a week and just remembered as I was doing some online shopping, and now they are in stock!!

I usually reserve matching skirts/tops for nights out but I can see this being just as good in the day with a pair of sandals or wedges.

The bralet is 100% cotton and looks to be really good quality. I love the fact the stripes are a dark blue as well and not black, which just makes the outfit feel so much more in tune with summer!
Topshop £26

The skirt is just as adorable, and I love the A-line design , as bodycon with horizontal stripes can sometimes not be the most flattering.
Topshop £32

June 08, 2013

The art of packing

Its obvious to say that if a video has been created by Louis Vuitton, it is no doubt going to be incredibly chic, but I am in love with the Art of Packing series - if of course its possible to be in love with videos...

The videos are perhaps not necessary for when packing the summer holiday wear-it-creased-primark-summer-dress, but if you're ever packing a suit, or a shirt for that matter, (or maybe just to watch as a bit of chic-entertainment) then the videos will certainly come in handy! 

Here are three videos from the series, although there are more which are available to watch on the LV website as well as their youtube channel, enjoy!

The perfect way to pack your shirts

June 07, 2013

3 Essentials to my night out

I’ve decided to do a post about my 3 thing that are a MUST on my nights out!

1.FAKE TAN- To me this is a massive must. I hate looking pale on a night out and feel 100 times better with a summer glow, which is hard to obtain in England.

June 06, 2013

Nicole Richie at the CFDA Awards

Nicole Richie was by far my best dressed at the CFDA awards this year, wearing a gold dress by Marc Jacobs paired with Giuseppe Zanotti shoes and jewels by Jennifer Meyer.

Ms Richie was the epitome of old Hollywood glamour! 
(As seen in these shots from Vogue.com)

Reality Show Fashion Special

We are the first to admit how much we love a bit of TOWIE, Made in Chelsea, Geordie Shore and dare I even say - The Valleys! And recently I've noticed how everyone's been upping their fashion game! So I've done some ferocious-fashion-stalking, and here are my best picks of the (TOWIE and MIC) reality-starletts outfits, along with either the exact match or one very close to!

First up is Billie Faiers from TOWIE, I've loved a load of Billie's choices recently
and this dress is stunning! Looks so expensive although its actually
from the stars' boutique! Available here for £68: minniesboutique

June 05, 2013

ASOS belts

So, during my usual online-night-time-shopping spree I discovered ASOS have a load of lovely belts in at the moment, so thought I'd give them a share... 

Now this first belt isn't technically ASOS, as it's Warehouse, but it is stocked on ASOS and I love it, it's really simple and classic and would look great with a skinny pair of denim indigo jeans.

Warehouse Chevron Leather Jeans Belt £18

If done wrong I fear this net belt could look a little tacky, but if styled correctly (think Olivia Palermo) then it could mean serious high-fashion lookalike..

June 04, 2013

Smythson notebook

This week I'm definitely lusting over Smythson notebooks, I've been a fan of the brand for a while and last week I took a little trip to their store on Sloane Street and its safe to say I'm now obsessed.

Motel Angled Zip Skirt

Even though it comes in a few colours, my Lust List item this week is pretty simple. After seeing it on Daniela Ramirez earlier this week I knew I had to have it, and the price tag will just about let me!

The Christine Mini Skirt is one of Motel's newer items, and I am absolutely in love.

I originally liked the blue, but now I can't decide between blue, orange and white!

But you guys can choose for yourselves...

Motel Skirt in Blue- £35

Hunter Wellies

My lust list piece this week is Hunter wellies, I HAVE to get these soon as I'm going to Bestival and V-Festival.

Home Comforts

Just over a week ago, I somehow managed to go over on my ankle and tear a ligament, which meant I was pretty immobile and useless in Southampton, so I went home for a week!

I haven't been back to Devon in a while so it was nice to chill out and not do anything, (not that I do much anyway...) and the weather even held out for a while!

There was a lot of tanning going on in the beautiful sunshine- safe to say I've missed the weather in Devon!