June 07, 2013

3 Essentials to my night out

I’ve decided to do a post about my 3 thing that are a MUST on my nights out!

1.FAKE TAN- To me this is a massive must. I hate looking pale on a night out and feel 100 times better with a summer glow, which is hard to obtain in England.

My favourite tan is Rimmel London instant Tan. This spreads easily and instantly gives you a bronzed glow and matte finish. There is no longer any need to look pale. Make sure this is applied with a tanning glove and the secret is to add moisture to hands knees and elbows to avoid it clumping in these areas.

2. FAKE EYELASHES- Adding a pair of eyelashes makes my make up feel complete.

Eylure- 120 fake lashes. I have tried pretty much every brand of false lashes and these have to be my favourite. They extend my lashes without looking too false. They are the perfect accessory for evening-wear glamour and enhance what you’ve already got. Another MUST have.

3. PERFUME- This is a must every time I leave the door and usually have one buried in my handbag.

Miss Dior Cherie is my favourite perfume which you wont find me without. I find its feminine without being over powering and sickly sweet. I find a girl always has to smell good to feel good. What I love about this perfume, I can still smell it when I get home!! LOVE LOVE LOVE.
I would highly recommend these 3 items to everyone, once you tried them, you can't live without them.
Holly x

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