June 11, 2013

Abs Like Slabs

I guess you have all been watching this series of TOWIE and I guess you have all been obsessing over Lucy’s body as much as I have. As soon as I finished watching the episode of Lucy in her white monokini I straight away felt motivated. This summer I want to be looking like that, as do we all! So thankfully down to Lucy, she has now let us in on her secret of how!!

Picture of Marbella White Monokini

For me, my biggest issue is trying to get the perfect flat stomach as well as achieving the bikini body I desire. So today was my first day of starting Lucy's abs like slabs work out. I have to say it’s very simple and easy to follow. But unfortunately it's not as easy as it sounds, although this work out took about 10 minutes in my small university room, I could soon feel the burn. I have to say the work out was enjoyable and achievable and really feels like I've done something.

 I am going to stick to this work out and do it around 5 times a week, which is easily achievable as it takes no longer then 10 minutes, adding it with a CV workout, like a run. I will also be eating healthily and avoiding carbs when I can. I will keep you guys updated with my results. I am determined to achieve a body like Lucy's. 6 weeks till my holiday, bikini body here I come!!
Follow Lucy's Results like Lucy twitter page, lots of motivation and fitness routines to fit you.
Thanks Lucy
Holly x

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