June 05, 2013

ASOS belts

So, during my usual online-night-time-shopping spree I discovered ASOS have a load of lovely belts in at the moment, so thought I'd give them a share... 

Now this first belt isn't technically ASOS, as it's Warehouse, but it is stocked on ASOS and I love it, it's really simple and classic and would look great with a skinny pair of denim indigo jeans.

Warehouse Chevron Leather Jeans Belt £18

If done wrong I fear this net belt could look a little tacky, but if styled correctly (think Olivia Palermo) then it could mean serious high-fashion lookalike..

Pleated Plate Waist Belt £18

I think this next belt is stunning, and would look incredible paired with a white dress and simple heels!

Full Metal Waist Belt £30

Very similar to the belt above, but half the price...
Plate + Ring Waist Belt £15

Another lovely metal belt, this one is more casual than the above
Whip Stitch Metal Waist Belt £30
And finally to finish off, this aztec elasticated belt would look great at a festival with denim cut-offs..

ASOS CURVE Aztec Waist Belt £7 - sale item

I'm guessing all the fashion lovers out there have already seen this picture of Olivia Palermo, (if not here it is) looking amazing as always, the Queen of accessorising to the max and always done perfectly with a look of effortless ease... 

Now, I wasn't able to find a belt on ASOS to match up to Olivia's, although I did find some necklaces - which I know that unless you happen to have a match-stick waist a necklace wouldn't ordinarily fit around ones waist... But a nifty little trick: open the necklace up and use a contrasting coloured ribbon (tie to each end of the necklace and in a bow at your back) to turn the necklace into a belt...

Here's a couple of necklaces that ASOS stock which I think would be great to do this with... 

You could go glam like Olivia

Orelia Suede & Crystal Section Necklace £12 - sale item

Or for more of an indy-folk feel:

Orelia Exclusive To ASOS Charm Necklace £18

Finally for a bit of belt inspiration I've included another couple of pictures of Olivia, Chinah x

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