June 10, 2013

Crazy about the brow!

Over the last few fashion seasons eyebrows have taken centre stage! From catwalk shows from fashion house Chanel decorating eyebrows with jewels, to the "scouse-brow" which hit our UK screens (although short lived - only for one series) on E4's 'Desperate Scousewives' and then we have the most famous eyebrows of them all - those belonging to Miss Cara Delevingne 

Lets take a look...

Miranda Kerr on the Chanel catwalk

Promo picture from Desperate Scousewives
Cara Delevingne

One devoted fan has even created a twitter account
in honour of Cara's brows!

Then we have mathematical equations telling us how we should shape them..

I had a lot of fun googling "celebrity no eyebrows" whilst doing some research for this post, and I have to say - not so pretty!!
But next up I've included some images of Christina Aguilera and Megan Fox, both have had varying eyebrow shapes, just to highlight how the shape, thickness and colour of your eyebrows can change your face, I know that other factors also contribute in these images (such as hair colour and style as well as makeup) and so I've tried to match them as best as possible...

First up, Christina:

Soft arched light brown brow
Darker, thinner, more prominent arch
Very similar brow to image before 
Another thin brow, although this time not as
dark and also a rounded shape
rather than a hard arch
From the above images, its obvious to see the changes that Christina's brow has on her face,
the colour shape and thickness have changed over time, as has her style.

Megan Fox... 

Fairly thick, softly arching dark brown brows

Thinner brow with a harsher arch and more
spaced out inner-brow
Megan is obviously stunning and her brows definitely add to her beauty, in the first picture they compliment her face perfectly, although they were a bit harsh before in the below image and didn't off set her features in the right way. Although an arch isn't for everyone -take Cara, her brows are flatter and work perfectly for her face.

Now, for the girls who need more brow, i recommend this:

And for the girl with too much brow to tame!:

Everyone has an opinion on eyebrows and their idea of the perfect shape - but there is no perfect eyebrow shape, as the shape eyebrows should be varies for everyone as they completely depend on your face shape! Colour is also something that has no right or wrong, as you wouldn't have ginger hair and black eyebrows? (or at least I hope you wouldn't) Its all about finding what works for you! 

My advice would be to follow your natural brow shape and to never pluck form the top of your brow, only the underneath. - Although something to remember: its true that a thinner brow will age your face!

Chinah x

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