June 12, 2013

Day trip to Chelsea

Yesterday me and my fellow bloggers Beth and Chinah decided to make a day trip to Chelsea. This was a must on our list of things to do this summer, as we are Made in Chelsea addicts and something we all decided deserved a blog post.
 Our day ended up being a mixture of looking at fabulous shops we couldn’t afford such as Vivienne Westwood and Louboutin, small amounts of shopping, cocktails, oversized pancakes and obviously trying to spot the Made in Chelsea cast. But unfortunately no luck!!

These were our amazing oversized pancakes and lucky for us 5 pounds on a Monday, which was a bonus. I had duck with hoisin sauce which was surprisingly delicious on a pancake. Beth had apple and bacon and Chinah as always had sweet which was peaches and ice-cream, which was also delicious. This place is a must if you're in Chelsea and you love your food as much as we do.

We then took a walk to the Bluebird which was always going to be a must on our trip to Chelsea. This was just as fabulous as it looks on MIC. Lovely inside and out and we sat at the bar of course!! Amazing decor and very good service. The cocktails were expensive but so worth it!!


All together a very good day out, I would definitely recommend it. We also did a bit of shopping at Zara of course.

Holly x

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