June 04, 2013

Home Comforts

Just over a week ago, I somehow managed to go over on my ankle and tear a ligament, which meant I was pretty immobile and useless in Southampton, so I went home for a week!

I haven't been back to Devon in a while so it was nice to chill out and not do anything, (not that I do much anyway...) and the weather even held out for a while!

There was a lot of tanning going on in the beautiful sunshine- safe to say I've missed the weather in Devon!

Absolutely loved my night in with my girls making cocktails and eating Chinese, this one is called a Cherry Hooker, which involved cherry brandy, orange juice and grenadine...

Not the last drink-related picture I'll be posting, this Charbonnel & Walker hot chocolate is just amazing! After mixing 4 teaspoons with boiling water it creates a creamy consistency, to which you add hot milk- the result is so smooth and lovely!

It's been difficult to go a whole post without mentioning coffee... this stuff is incredible. After living on instant Nescafe for months at Uni, this Lavazza espresso was just what I needed.

Unfortunately the weather decided to take a turn for the worse for a couple of days, at least Devon still looks picturesque in the rain...

This might seem like a bit of a given, but watching Made In Chelsea while it was actually on, on an actual television, really beat watching it on 4oD on my laptop at 11!
Last but not least, it was pretty nice to see my pets too. Even if they do insist on collapsing wherever they want...

Stanley the rather large Cocker Spaniel...

It was nice to be home for a few days but I'm back in Southampton now as my foot is feeling a lot better. Hopefully will be fully mobile soon and not miss my big comfy bed too much!

Beth x

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