June 21, 2013

Sarah Jessica Parker/Manolo Blahnik Collaboration

Before I even start this post, I have to admit that I have never really liked Sarah Jessica Parker.... (cue the outrage).. I mean of course I love Carrie Bradshaw, after being forced to watch Sex and the City by Chinah at least 100 times, how can I not?

I started disliking her when I saw a picture of her at The Devil Wears Prada premiere in 2006 wearing this...

And I absolutely hated it! It's been 7 years and I'm only just getting over my SJP-Fashion-Fear.. they say first impressions last a lifetime?

But then on course the Sex and the City films came into my life and outfits such as this started to change my impression of her...

My favourite of her casual outfits... (me and Chinah love her socks!)
And now more to the point, 15 years after she became Carrie Bradshaw, Sarah Jessica Parker is teaming up with Manolo Blahnik to create a range of shoes and bags deemed "old-school" and "different" by the fashionista herself.

The collection will take inspiration from Charles Jourdan and Maud Frizon, who were both known for their outlandish and colourful designs. Even though their original career launches were 40 years apart, they were huge influences for their times, and still are now!

Being Carrie Bradshaw meant SJP must have developed a love for shoes, and certainly a far more extensive knowledge.

Here she is pictured arriving at the Louis Vuitton show at Paris Fashion Week 2012 in one of my favourite of her outfits...

Clearly ahead of the fashion game in white pointed courts, which are absolutely everywhere at the moment!

The collection will be available through Nordstrom next year.

Beth x

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  1. I enjoyed this post. I liked how you briefly went through her fashion over the years..