June 08, 2013

The art of packing

Its obvious to say that if a video has been created by Louis Vuitton, it is no doubt going to be incredibly chic, but I am in love with the Art of Packing series - if of course its possible to be in love with videos...

The videos are perhaps not necessary for when packing the summer holiday wear-it-creased-primark-summer-dress, but if you're ever packing a suit, or a shirt for that matter, (or maybe just to watch as a bit of chic-entertainment) then the videos will certainly come in handy! 

Here are three videos from the series, although there are more which are available to watch on the LV website as well as their youtube channel, enjoy!

The perfect way to pack your shirts

And if you're lucky enough to have a LV case, follow these examples & your items should fit perfectly! 

Hope you loved them as much as i do! 

Chinah x

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