June 09, 2013

Topshop Two-Piece

The other week, I tweeted a link to one of Topshop's Instagram posts of a nautical two-piece, some black heels and a gold chain, because I needed it ALL! I forgot about this mini obsession for about a week and just remembered as I was doing some online shopping, and now they are in stock!!

I usually reserve matching skirts/tops for nights out but I can see this being just as good in the day with a pair of sandals or wedges.

The bralet is 100% cotton and looks to be really good quality. I love the fact the stripes are a dark blue as well and not black, which just makes the outfit feel so much more in tune with summer!
Topshop £26

The skirt is just as adorable, and I love the A-line design , as bodycon with horizontal stripes can sometimes not be the most flattering.
Topshop £32

These are the heels that are in the original picture, although they look a lot lighter here. If you wanted to wear the outfit in the day, there is an alternative...
Topshop £70

These Horsham sandals are just as cute but without the heel- and the price tag!
Topshop £20

There is also a gold necklace in the original photo that isn't currently on their website (but could be in store). I have instead found a similar necklace from Topshop that is just as lovely!

I'm personally not a huge fan of big jewellery but for this semi-precious collar I think I can make an exception..
Topshop £25

It's safe to say I'm fairly obsessed with this whole outfit at the moment, and the prices of the items aren't so bad so maybe I'll be able to get my hands on it all!
If you want to see the original photo, follow Topshop on Instagram... @Topshop

Beth x

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